With Popvault, our goal is to offer an experience that goes beyond merchandise - an experience without limits and complicated contracts. An experience where our creators are center stage along with their fans, that is Popvault.

Branding & Management

We are fortunate enough to have one of the industry's best designers / creative directors on our team. Laurent Beuten, better known as FaZe Magic (@itsmagichere). Whether you have absolutely no clue where you want to take your brand or whether you have a vision brighter than an iPhone screen at 6AM. Laurent will guide and help develop your brand along with stellar designs and a series of marketing assets.

That's amazing, but what about "beyond merchandise?" - you're right! 

Developing your brand as a creator is about more than cool designs, it's about exposure, partnerships, brands! We work hard towards partnering up with brands that enhance your brand or benefit your fans or help you land other exciting opportunities. 

Design & Development

If you can imagine it, we can create it. 


Our vision for the company will always be to innovate. Whether that means bringing entirely new products that no one ever thought of, or bringing alien-like technology to the hands of our creators and customers. 

Customer Care & Support

Your fans support you and we support your fans, fair enough?

Your Brand, Your Rules

You will find everything we have to offer neatly packed together your personal dashboard. In your dashboard, you will be able to track your sales, most popular items, most popular region, discuss new designs, request payouts and much more.

Last but not least, we offer a bunch of different custom solutions to fit your merchandise needs. Not everyone is Pewdiepie, and we get that. Whether you want to sell exclusive merchandise to your friends and families or launch a global brand, we have a solution that suits you!

Where do I sign?

Reach out to we'll take it from there.