Short Term vs Long Term

Merchandise is income, but it could be so much more than just an added revenue stream.

An influencer has to understand that to their fans the merchandise is not just a piece of clothing. They are not buying a t-shirt, they are buying your t-shirt. This comes with responsibilities for the influencer and the company that helps them create it.

When they commit to buying that piece of clothing they expect it to be of the same quality and creativity as your content. Not only the piece of clothing but the entire experience. 

It's easy to look at the short term dollar signs but you have to ask yourself, is the cost of disappointing my fanbase worth the extra revenue?

We could easily pick a fun font and print your name on a one dollar t-shirt, but we choose not to. We choose to invest all of our resources into designing, printing and caring for your fans.

So that they know, if they shop at Popvault, they're taken care of. They're receiving premium quality clothing with a high-end print all neatly packed together and well taken care of.

How many times have you gone back to a restaurant where you didn't like the food? Don't underestimate the power of your brand and the products that come from it.