We want you. We really do. But why would you go for Popvault?

So you are a YouTube / Twitch / Instagram influencer looking to transform your name into a household brand? Look no further.

To give you a full understanding of why we are the best partner to develop your brand I will divide the information into different sections and take you through our core values one at a time.



The most upfront and visible reason is without a doubt design. Our design team led by one of the industry's best designers Laurent Beuten (@itsmagichere) gives us a considerable edge over other merchandising companies.

We make every single design from start to what your fans ultimately see and wear. We want to raise the bar and give you and your fans something they are truly proud of.

Your name is tied to quality content and we want your merchandise and brand to carry that same weight.



You trust us to represent your brand and we take this job very seriously. We treat our influencers as well as their fan base with the utmost respect and care.

When you need us, we'll be there. When your fans need us, we'll be there. We're aiming towards 100% customer satisfaction and will do whatever it takes to get there.

Of course we do everything we can to avoid issues with orders but if there's a problem, rest assured that your fans will be well taken care of in a timely and correct manner.

As for our influencers, every single one of them has a direct line of communication with the Popvault staff to answer any and all questions at any time.



We always keep our eyes wide open for opportunities for our influencers. Whether it's a PR opportunity, market opportunity, brand opportunity and so on. We want you to maximise your brand and offer you every chance we get to do so.



If I told you right now what the plans are for Popvault in the future, you would probably think I'm crazy, but we're going there.

Question is, are you coming along?


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