Hey everyone, thank you for checking back in for a couple of updates here at Popvault!

First of all, we are glad to announce our very first custom product launch went absolutely flawless. Yumi (one of our creators) and we teamed up to launch limited edition enamel pins of Yumi's logo. 

We always aim towards the most user-friendly solution both for our creators as well as our customers. The challenge here was to make this entirely custom product without the need for stock while keeping the price as affordable as possible for Yumi's fanbase.

Happy to say, we made this work without the need for stock and at a very competitive price point. Taking on this challenge and overcoming it, has taught us a lot and has given us the confidence and know-how to take on even bigger challenges with other creators.

In other news

Some of you might have already noticed, we have made it even easier for your fanbase to navigate to your products by implementing a search bar. You will find this search bar in the top right of our navigation menu next to the currency changer.

Next on our developer's list is ... DRUM ROLLS PLEASE ... The fully custom dashboard for all of our creators! We talked about this in our previous blog post and are happy to say both the desktop and mobile version are in development.

That is all for now!

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