Let's get riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight into the neeeeeeeeeews

Hey all! Welcome to the first installment of PopNews where we keep you up to date with everything happening at PopVault!


We're glad to announce our first (visual) upgrade to the Popvault website! We're always looking for new and refreshing ways to improve not only the user experience, but also the experience for our beloved influencers. (More on that later!)

Following a short brainstorm session, we have added 5 different labels to our products to make them stand out more and give valuable information at the blink of an eye.

The labels are:


All new items will have a new tag attached to them for 30 days from the date they go live and will appear at the top of your store.


We're proud to announce custom items are slowly becoming reality. We are launching fully custom bandanas and enamel pins as the final test for this new infrastructure. If successful, we will go into what this means for ALL of our creators in depth and explain the options! This is some very exciting stuff so stay tuned! 


Following the limited tag, we also have a low in stock tag. Once a product is nearly sold out, it will have the tag low in stock to let your fans know they better move quick if they want it!


Yikes... Better luck next time!


Last but not least, when your product is flaming hot and flying off the shelves, it gets a special popular tag!

Now before you go all crazy and tell me this is the best thing you've ever seen, wait just a minute. We are working very hard behind the scenes to bring you your very own dashboard. Monitor sales realtime, see what's selling better, request a new design from our very own FaZe Magic and more! 



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